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How iPad makes a class Archive possible •  Collecting everything your students have ever done • Creating portfolios for parent/teacher meetings • Setting up Best Of galleries  • Getting written work into your Archive • Giving students access • Tagging student work so you can find anything instantly



Faster, smarter ways to take the roll • Going beyond what’s possible with paper • Visual tap-to-mark-off photo-based roll options • Multi-purpose classroom admin tools • Replicating traditional rolls • Archiving paper records • Taking the roll in less than a second


Behavior Management

Using iPad for daily orientations •  Waiting-room style cycling announcements • Personalized runsheets for special needs students • Noise monitoring • Behavior gamification systems • Managing class chores • Turning students into celebrities •  Using iPad as both a carrot and a stick

Behavior Management


Why brainstorming is better on iPad • Fast, text-based just-get-it-down brainstorming • Sketches and diagram based brainstorming • Classic Buzan-style mindmaps • Capturing sessions on audio or video • Asynchronous Brainstorming



Calculation with working(!)  and rewind(!!) • Themed, fun and quirky calculators • Calculators on demand • Using iPad to measure everything from angles and distances to seismic activity  • Conversion tools • Calculating with Siri and Google Search • Timers and Stopwatches



Video analysis • Slow motion replays • Highlights and blooper reels • Virtual back page newspaper reports • Playbooks • Scoring and stats • Drill compendiums • Team management • Managing temporary groups within a squad



Setting up group email for instant classwide contact • 
Alternatives to face-to-face meetings for busy parents • Creating an online document repository for students and parents • Plugging iPad into existing schoolwide communication management systems • Setting up a class website or blog •


Creative Writing

Using iPad to generate random creative writing triggers • Triggers for younger writers • Tools for fleshing out characters • Apps to help students find the right words • Drafting tools for poetry and lyrics • Planning and outlining • Writing collaboratively with iPad  • Drafting, editing and proofreading



Using iPad to create replayable video instructions • Archiving your demonstrations • Freeing yourself to teach more, repeat yourself less • How students can access your video demonstrations  • Creating help-on-demand with QR codes • Student-created demonstrations • Using existing video libraries


Device Management

Making iPads harder to steal •  “Branding” iPads for easy identification • Setting up a serial number database • Preventing damage •  Recommended usage rules • Monitoring usage • Making students accountable: setting up a licensing system



Using iPad to involve shy or unengaged students in discussion •  Working with asynchronous discussions • Maintaining a record of who said what • Giving speeches to the class…from home • Recording and annotating discussions • Using iPad for groupwork assignments



Apps for traditional flashcard-based test preparation •  Going beyond what’s possible with traditional flashcards • Math drilling for basic arithmetic, tables, mental math tricks, pre-algebra, basic algebra and geometry • Options that work with the entire K-12 math syllabus •  Spelling Drills • Foreign language vocab drills • Music drills • Gamification of drilling


What you also get in the iBook version…

Handing in Work

Freeing yourself from needing USB drives •  “bumping” ipads to hand in work • iPads and  email-based submissions • Using DropBox • How your iPad can accept handwritten submissions


Managing Homework

Using iPad like training wheels for time-management • Standalone homework management apps • Syncing homework online • Using GTD to organize their whole week • Basic homework management with Calendar


Marking Work

Annotation options for iPad • Marking handwritten work • Going beyond written feedback • Iterative marking • Peer review • Pre-emptive marking • Marking by panel • Using your class Archive to calibrate your marks



Entering the post-photocopy age • Five reasons you can replace most of your photocopying with your iPad •  Using your iPad as a scanner •  Apps that turn handwritten words into wordprocessor-editable text •



Using your iPad to plan the year ahead • Freeform planning • Managing the teaching day • National curriculum references • Referencing plans and notes from previous years • Planning classroom layout



Going beyond PowerPoint •  Creating Keynote presentations on iPad • Non-linear presentations • Getting iPad onto the big screen in your classroom • Using iPad as a speaking prompt • Presenting directly onto your students’ iPad screens • Dazzling with Augmented Reality



Rapid repurposing of one source into many types of publications • Setting up a class blog •  Creating a magazine-quality PDF • Turning work into an iBook • Creating a comic • Producing a class radio show • Building a self-guided kiosk • Turning assignments into a movie • How younger students can create eBooks



Setting up and working with paperless quizzes • Paperless testing with Google • Real-time testing with Socrative • Turning testing into a game • Students as quizmasters • Creating QR-triggered video walkthroughs of the answers •  Adding mystery and anticipation: Using QR to reveal questions • .



The case for students doing most of their reading on iPad •  The essential reading apps • Creating notes, bookmarks and highlights •  Accessing a free library of all the classics (over 42,000 titles and counting) • Reading on the web • Deferred and curated reading •  Magazines and journals on iPad



Turning field trips into publications • Adding high impact production values to raw media • Your excursion as a comic strip or slideshow •  Creating written reports on iPad • Using iPad to edit and assemble video recounts


Report Writing

Using your iPad classroom Archive as a comprehensive student reference • Summoning examples of written work • Attendance and photo cheat-sheets • Tracking and annotating student behavior issues • Customizing your own records • Keeping your records secure



Collecting and organizing information on iPad • Setting up and working with curated resources • Researching with apps (atlases, encyclopedia, Wikipedia fractals • Resources for the classic elementary school  units • Options for upper secondary students • Referencing and citation generators


Taking Notes

Getting past the input hump: using keyboards with iPad, writing directly onto the screen with styluses, or using iPad to annotate recordings •  Working with Cornell or guided notes • Options inspired by traditional blank page notebooks • Indexed notes • Managing huge collections of notes •  Notetaking with mindmaps • What notetaking with iPad means for students


Video Learning

Helping students work with tens of  thousands of teachers • Auditing lectures from around the world with iTunes U •  Curating YouTube and Vimeo for your students • Stealing brilliant ideas from great teachers • Commercial video libraries • Creating your own video library



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