Philip Johnston is one of music education’s best known writers and presenters, but has also spent the past twenty years teaching everything from high school English to martial arts, private music tuition to tertiary courses on graphic design and communication. In a former life, he recorded for Warner Music as a concert pianist; in his current life he’s a technology fanatic who gets particularly excited whenever Apple cooks up something new.

This unlikely alliance of interests has combined to make him strangely well qualified to write iPadoPedia.

Reviews of some of Philip’s other books


“…there are so many good ideas here, I can’t begin to list them.”
European Piano Teacher’s Association Magazine

“The ultimate reference for students…this is a ‘must have’ book. Practicing will be a brand new game every time. ”
Music Teacher International

“Brimming with tips to help develop effective habits in the practice room…belongs on the music stand and piano rack of every practicing musician.”
American Music Teacher Magazine

“…easy access to a wealth of information…attention-grabbing book that gives the word “practice” a whole new meaning.”
Journal of Australian Strings Association

“…the sheer volume of practical and inventive ideas contained in Practiceopedia make it an important volume not just for music students, but an invaluable tool for music educators of all stripes. ”
Utah Music Educator Journal

“…an excellent “open-at-any-page-and-learn-something resource” that entices and educates all.”
American Music Teacher Magazine

“packed with thoughtful tips and practical information and I would recommend it to students, teachers, parents and experienced musicians alike.”
The Trombonist journal

The Practice Revolution

“…this book is perhaps in the top 1% of all the things I have ever recommended. Every sentence is new and important and this goes on for 321 pages…if teachers were to absorb the content there would, indeed, be a revolution in teaching and learning. Buy the book!”
Canadian Music Educator’s Association journal

“…idea studded book on the whole practice process…when the student leaves, it should be with the practice skills to work alone. Johnston has generously outlined hundreds of ways to do that.”
California Music Teacher Journal

“…first rate. After reading only half the book, I believe it had a positive impact on my teaching…Consider buying both the book and stock in the company!”
Horn Call – journal of the International French Horn Society

If you are a teacher, you must have this book. If you ever aspire to teach music lessons on your own, you must have this book. If you are a parent of a frustrated child in music lessons, you must have this book…Johnston is witty, funny, experienced, and practical. I love his stuff
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The Dynamic Studio

“This is an incredible book. I didn’t want to put it down. I’ll be implementing new ideas immediately! This is a ‘must read’ for piano teachers.”
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This book was a life/studio changing influence. I have read Philip Johnston’s other books and web site and they have all been helpful to my voice and piano teaching business. This is his best.
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“…chapter after chapter of good ideas. My lists are divided into: Right away, maybe later, and WOW, can you imagine? The great thing is, I CAN imagine it, thanks to this book.”
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“…I was looking for some new ideas, and man, this book fits the bill. I read a few chapters this morning, and already made use of some ideas in this afternoon’s lessons. I am getting a GREAT creative kick in the head/pants/brain from this fine book.”
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“This is my first book review ever out of thousands read – this book is worth it! If you are a music teacher of any kind, this book will rock your world! Soo many great ideas…A delightful, entertaining read that will leave you wondering what great idea to try first! I loved it, thank-you!”
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